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WWW Waveform Requests

This form allows requests to the continuous data archive of the SZGRF. Please see available data for available time spans of data streams.

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Please report publications using data of GRF or GRSN and send mail to Klaus.Stammler (at)


Selects station or station list for the requested data. It is not possible to request GRF and GRSN together in one file. You have to split your request in two, one for GRF and one for GRSN. Not all station combinations are available.

Select your components. This is either only vertical 'z' or three components 'zne'. Please note that not all of the GRF stations have three components.

Sample rate of data. Available are 20Hz 'bh' for GRF and 20Hz and 1Hz ('bh' and 'lh', respectively) for GRSN. 'hh' data are available after 4 - 8 weeks and only for 7 minute time windows of selected events (see above).

Start time:
Start time(s) for copying data. Please use either the option buttons for day, month, year, hour, minute and second to enter one start time or use the text field for giving one or more (up to 30) start times. If using the text field please mind the syntax (e.g. 23-may-98_8:28:20 or equivalently 23,5,98,8,28,20). Do not use any spaces within the time string! In SEED and Mini-SEED requests only complete records are copied. This means the data you get start a little earlier and end a little later than your requested time window. You may specify a list of up to 30 start times. If more than one start time is given the output files (one for each time) are put into a separate directory.

Length in sec:
Number of seconds to copy. Ridiculous large numbers are rejected.

Output format:
Should be self-explainable.

User ID:
ID number for users with large requests. With such an ID number you are allowed to submit requests with more than 30 time windows by supplying a file containing the start times via your anonymous ftp server.

After pressing this button the request is immediately started. Please stay online and wait for the response. If data are successfully copied an output file is created on our ftp-server. You can transfer this file just by clicking on the ftp-address displayed. You either will get a dialog box asking you for your local path and filename or you get a text window with the data. In the latter case just save the content (as 'source') to a file (this also works for SEED data even if the text displayed looks a bit odd). In case that you specified more than one copy time using the text field area the created link will point to a directory which contains one data file per requested start time.

If you have any more questions please contact Klaus.Stammler (at)

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